Friday, 25 July 2014

Semrush Review - Best Competitive Research Tool

Whenever we think about Search Engine Optimization, we first think about Keyword Research. Keyword research is an important thing for any blogs. But if you are starting your first blog, there are no keywords for your blog, you need to search it online on the internet.

How to Find Best SEO Keyword for your Blog

It is seo basics that we research keyword first for the niche blog we are going to start. There is free keyword tool that is Google adwords keyword tool, you can use it. Here are few steps you can consider when you research keyword for your niche blogs.

First of all think about the niche you are going to start a blog on. Now pick up any related keyword or phrase from it and search in adwords keyword tool.
Find low compition keywords from it and choose those keywords for your blog.Now if you are having niche blog and want to research top ranking keyword of your competitor blogs. How to spy on your compititor's blog for their keyword and stands into competition?

There is tool by that you can use for researching keywords of your competitor blogs.You might have heard lot about that helps you to make your keyword research easy and you can easily stay into competition of search engine ranking.  All you have to do is just log on to and enter your niche keyword, domain name or URL of the webpage you want to analyses for keyword.

sem rush - affordable search engine optimization

Suppose I have searched for SEO Basics keyword, it will automatically give me SEO keyword, cpc, volume, number of results and much more details from there. Likewise you can search for any domain name, keyword name or URL you want to get seo information on it. It will list all that a professional SEO experts need.

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